The Artists

Rose Bruford College MA/MFA Candidates

Actor-Performer Training Program 2020/2021


Actor and Londoner.
These pieces exhibit fragments of the voice
s and identities 

that live within me, as a product of the Commonwealth diaspora.

Thanks to our new reality of isolation, this writing is also a feast of introspection!


My Mum Says


Miss Illobi knows 

Grandfather Clocks



Actor and Irish Londoner
This piece has evolved out of my upbringing on Irish folklore, myths and legends. It explores the

importance of story-telling around the world. It poses questions about authorship, looking at how the

origins of stories are not known to communities for whom they are significant. It also reflects on the

competency of language to tell such stories.

They Belong to Us 





A loud American hailing from New York City where

restaurants are dead but art is not.

For my classmates, myself & acting students everywhere.

IG: @sarawithacee 

A Woman Stands Up

A Woman Re-Writes History

A Woman Cooks (Is this a performance?)

I'm on Spotlight - this way! 


Actor, Fight Director &  New Englander

This is a morphasion of my entire career to date in a form which I had never expected. 

These days my mind ponders fatherhood, language, violence, shame, love,

philosophy, psychology, and relationships.

The Corner & Other Such Places:

The Corner, Part I


The Corner, Part II

Theatre In Eulogy

The Corner, Part III



using Ezekiel 3:3 and 37, an inter(in)animate enactment is an inter(in)animation (see: Rebecca Schneider's Performing Remains) of this moment in time (April 2020). 

A return of (in)discrete bodies of apparent beginnings and endings of events that have and have not come to pass. 

between has been and future, between the words, writing shows what the clock does not show. 

an inter(in)animate enactment re-visions the parts of the theatre that give us back the living parts of the dead or the mortal parts of life with the belief that they need to be re-animated in the hearts of our time. 

one must manage to live in one's house, inside one's time...

there in this place, we stop, we return to our time, it is here, we live in it, it lives in us.

an inter(in)animate enactment 


British Actor & Perpetually Sleeping Young Man 

After spending a decade working in the hospitality industry, my experiences

have inspired me to create a piece that hopefully demonstrates the frustrations

that arise through having to make a living from a job you don’t love,

while also shining a light on the negative impact

it might have on a person’s mental health.

A Day At Work With Me


Young African American Actor, playwright and a songwriter apparently.

Go figure.

A young black man battles his own mind in the only ways he knows how, while resisting

the urge to close in on himself. The achievements of his people, their unwilting perseverance,

compounded by a childhood lacking exposure to the black people of today; all of this weighs

on the mind of this young man. The only way to carry the burden is to lift himself as well.

The Black Man Speaks


just an animal

How It Started: me reflecting on my romantic relationship since

I’ve been stuck in the apartment with my boyfriend for 6 straight weeks... 


Caymanian. Costa Rican. Other. Mother of one. Daughter of many.

Alive in nature, drawn to the celestial. Creating in the realm of the remembered

and the forgotten, conscious of residue. 

Someone's Secret

Memory, Paranoia, Sounds, This is the Way (I Show You Love), Genes

Pieces, Why Am I Here (What I did)


British actor, dabbler with writing. 

An exploration into Tom’s connection to the cinematic form of storytelling.

Focusing on the emotional concept of fear in particular.


But Fear Itself